The CCAA Team

Meet The CCAA Team

A group of people who, through personal experiences, have a passionate interest in helping support children with JIA and their families.

There is a two-way sharing of knowledge and ideas which is of benefit to everyone involved in the charity. The charity is run purely on a voluntary basis, and except for small administration costs all money goes to our various projects to help support children with arthritis and their families.

Carl Wescott
Chair & Parent

Carl became Chair in July 2017, but has been on the committee as Vice chairperson for some time. Carl’s daughter was diagnosed with Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis at the age of four.

Glenda Dalton
Vice Chair & Parent

Glenda is a Physiotherapist. She is also a member of the BSPAR parents’ forum. Her daughter was diagnosed with Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis as a teenager.

Mira Marcetic
Treasurer & Committee Member

Mira’s daughter was diagnosed with Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis in 1986. She is Treasurer for CCAA, and has been heavily involved in the developments and growth of CCAA for many years.

Sue Wescott
Secretary & Committee Member

Sue is the CCAA secretary. She is also a teacher specialising in the early years. Her daughter was diagnosed with Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis at the age of four.

Natasha Smyth
Education & Committee Member

Natasha is a teacher and runs her own nursery and pre-school. Her sister was diagnosed with Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis at the age of just six years old.

Richard Piper
Parent & Committee Member

Richard’s daughter has Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis. He brings a wealth of charity leadership experience with him to CCAA as previous Director of the Roald Dahl’s Marvelous Children’s Charity.

Daniel Madge
Parent & Committee Member

As a JIA parent, Daniel knows the daily struggles of this disease. His family attended one of our weekends. After such a successful weekend for his family, he applied to become a CCAA committee member.

Monique Van de Molen
Committee Member

As a sufferer of JIA herself, Monique volunteers her time to help lead groups and takes part in activities on our weekends. She is loved by many of the children that have met her on our weekends and is an inspiration to them all.

Charles Cox
Co-opted Committee Member

Charles’ sister, Vicky Cox, suffered with JIA, and as a sibling knows the impact it can have on a family. To help CCAA, he brings professional experience in Marketing and business.

Jazmin Scarlett
Volunteer Coordinator 

As a suffer of JIA herself Jazmin is an inspiration to young people. She coordinates our volunteer programme and helps us to find inspiring young adults with Arthritis that want to volunteer for CCAA and help inspire others. . 

Shelley Cox
Administration & Marketing 

Shelley is often the first point of contact for people when they get in touch with the CCAA. She does the administration, marketing and website updates for the charity. 

Our Team Over The Years

A few nostalgic pictures of our committee over the years.

Some faces have left and come back onto the committee, some have moved on and some are still with us! But one thing is for certain, each and every person brings so much value to the charity and it’s because of these amazing volunteers that we are still here today, 30 years on.  

Our Families Over The Years

If you've attended our weekend in the past get in touch, we'd love to know how you are getting on.

We have had the absolutely pleasure of meeting some wonderful families over the years. To see so many friendships made and hear so many parents breath a sigh of relief as they leave the weekend full of information, is a great testimony to everything that our volunteers do. Thank you to each and every family that has attended over the years and continues to support CCAA today.