Small Grant Awards

The CCAA Small Grant Awards programme aims to enhance the day to day life of children living with arthritis by funding specific activities, services or materials, to help with their educational and recreational needs. Our grants have helped many children in the past to support them achieving their dreams and aspirations. We want to help children with JIA to become all they can be and achieve everything they desire, despite the daily suffering they face.

The grants can be used for diverse purposes, as determined by the family or young person themselves, which means they are highly adaptable to personal circumstances. Small sums of money can create big changes in someone’s life. The grants are also intended to help families feel supported and less alone.

There are currently three different funds within the small grant awards programme. Each fund has a different focus. The small grant application form has recently moved online, so please read through it carefully and complete all the sections required before applying. 



Educational Support for additional needs (up to 18 years old) 

To support children and young people in their education. The grant should not be used to supplement failed support through the educational system, but has been designed to give support in areas that these young people may be disadvantaged in due to their arthritis.

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Recreational support for leisure/sport outside of school (up to 18 years old)

To support children and young people in their sporting or leisure activities outside of the educational system as many children with arthritis miss out on these activities.


Further Education Award for young people (ages 16 – 25 years old)

To be given to older children and young people going into further education/college/university, towards books, equipment, additional courses etc. 

The Vicky Cox award was named after the daughter of our Patron, Caroline Cox. You can read about Caroline’s journey as a parent of JIA on our stories page.

Please Note: The young person should apply for themselves and we will require written details about why they would like the grant and what they would use it for.