Farewell Brenda

CCAA says goodbye to Chairperson, Brenda

Farewell Brenda

At our Annual General Meeting in July 2017, our Chairperson, Brenda McGrath stepped down from CCAA. After 15 years of hard work and dedication for hundreds of families, Brenda felt it was time for her to take a well earned rest and pass the ‘reigns’ onto Vice Chair, Carl Wescott. We marked her retirement with a bouquet of flowers and gifts and some words from Brenda in front of some the families she has had such a big part in helping. We wish her a very restful retirement and would like to say a big thank you for all you have done for CCAA over the years. 

The families left Brenda some lovely comments too: 

“You will be greatly missed Brenda.”
“Thank you from all our family.”
“Well done Brenda. Great work!”
“Brenda, you are one special lady! Enjoy the rest.”
“Been about 15 years since I was a patient but will never get how good Brenda always was to my parents and I. Thank you.”
“You will be missed.”
“Lovely to have met you Brenda.” 

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