Abbie Rose tells her JIA story

I think any child with JIA is amazing!

Written by Abbie Rose, age 15.

“My name is Abbie Rose, I am 15 years old and I have Extended Oligo articular JIA.

“I was diagnosed with JIA around April 2012, being only 10 I don’t remember getting told I have it but just that many hospital appointments were to follow. When I was first diagnosed it was only my left knee that was swollen however now, 5 years old and hopefully just coming out of a flare from being taken off meds, JIA has affected both knees, my right ankle, my neck, my jaw and I have experienced hip pains and stiffness.

“Despite having JIA I still did Dance, Gymnastics, music and was on my school netball team. I’ve climbed Cologne cathedral and dancing in many dance shows. I think any child with JIA is amazing and I just hope the research and medications keep on improving making JIA children’s lives better!