Bailey’s JIA Journey

 We are so proud of him

Written by mum Sue, about her son Bailey, age 3.

“I would like to introduce you to my son Bailey.

“He was diagnosed with JIA when he was 2 and had it in more than 6 joints. He was unable to walk of a morning and had to be mostly carried everywhere. He has had 2 rounds of steroid injections in to his joints, had trial and error with different drugs and was hospitalised with chickenpox due to being immunosuppressed all within one year.

“Bailey is now 3 and is now on a combination of Methotrexate medicine and 2 weekly injections of Enbrel which i give to him at home myself. Bailey never complains and we are so happy to day he is now in medical remission and we are on a 2 year countdown.  We recently went on holiday to France and Bailey shown us how brave and resilient he is when he was jumping into 12 ft deep water.  We are so proud of him.”