Charlotte’s JIA Journey

She has a fantastic spirit

Written by dad, Simon, on behalf of his daughter, Charlotte Evans, age 5

“Meet our daughter, Charlotte who is five and a half! (The half is very important apparently!) I’m writing this on behalf of Charlotte, who was diagnosed with JIA when she was just two.

“When I explain to people she has JIA they are shocked. When I tell them that I have to inject her every single week, they are bowled over. To the outside world she is a completely normal little girl. Watching her struggle to walk properly when she was two is now a distant memory, although we never count our chickens!

“She goes to ballet, gymnastics, football, runs everywhere, cycles and is a very activity drama participant.

“A lot of thanks goes to the team at Great Ormond Street, who have helped her live a normal life through the pioneering biologics treatment they suggested and long may that continue.She has a fantastic spirit and we are very lucky parents to have an amazing little girl like Charlotte Anne Evans!

“This photo was taken at the amazing JIA weekend we joined in the New Forest in 2017.”