Maisy’s JIA Journey

Anyone living with JIA should stay strong

Written by Maisy, Age 14

“Being diagnosed with was never easy and a very long story as I say. I was undiagnosed from the age of 5 years old back on forth from hospital for most of my life and it was only Since the start of 2017 I was diagnosed.

“Life wasn’t easy at all having many years of suffering and never knowing what this underlined illness was, Many doctors would say I had this and had that but there was it was never a ‘name’ it was just left .Frustration and anger was how me and my family felt, I used to get so upset and so many things went down hill, for example seeing so many doctors, dieticians and it even got to the extent to see a psychiatrist and mental health team. As you could tell I was just ‘ill’ no cure or ‘name’ for many symptoms, as I said I was just a ill kid.
For me to be diagnosed it took my parents a very formal appointment with a doctor, my parents stressed‘’somethings not right’’ from here led to detailed explanation at my new hospital.
When I got diagnosed every thing changed, I was diagnosed by a very specialised consultant there my care was taken, I started feeling so much better, I was putting on amazing weight after being underweight for years, me and my family was happy and I finally knew what illness I actually had.

“Even though it’s not nice at all to have the disease, I’m happy I have the most supportive team of people who take care of me,where I’m getting better. All my questions from many years are finally answered. And I think for anyone living with JIA should stay strong!