Phil’s Journey

You’ll be surprised with what you can acheive

Written by Phil Bowers, age 31. Had Arthritis since birth and in 2017 completed a challenge for CCAA of cycling from Bath to Rome (Phil can’t pedal whilst in the saddle due to hip pain!

“I suffered with arthritis since birth but it hasn’t stopped me from doing anything I wanted to do. I loved playing sports and being active when I was young and this has continued into my adult life. I’ve always enjoyed a challenge, which is why I decided to cycle from Bath to Rome.

“I knew it would be tough but it was important to show others and myself that arthritis doesn’t limit your ability to do things. I cycled 2000 miles and climbed lots of hills during my trip and I did it all standing up (to pedal) on the bike. There were days when my hip pain was causing me problems but I didn’t let it stop me from cycling.

“The trip taught me that your body can do more than you expect- if you prepare well and take care of yourself then you’ll be surprised with what you can achieve.”