Rachel’s JIA Journey

My JIA Warrior 

Written by Ali, Rachel’s mum.

“Rachel is my JIA Warrior. She graduated university in 2017, and now she’s travelling -Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, New Zealand, and Australia with her best friend. She’s had JIA since she was 9! 

“I hope Rachel’s story can give parents of younger children some much more positive thoughts for the future. Rachel has had a tough time with it growing up, but her consultant care team at GWH in Swindon were amazing, so caring and positive. They always considered Rachel and her needs and feelings throughout her journey. Through spinal flares, a spleen so swollen there were fears it might rupture, and many, many problems with meds.

“Rachel graduated with a 2:1 honours and set out to explore the world declaring she needs to see what she can do!  And she was right… she’s doing it! I’m such a proud mum.”