Weekend FAQs

Family Support Weekend FAQs

If you have booked onto one of Family Support Weekends or you are thinking about coming along, take a good look through our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). Any questions you may have about the weekend may be covered below. We have compiled this list from the questions we get asked regularly and they are always updated. So if you have a question that isn’t listed here, then please get in touch and we will be happy to answer it for you. It will also give us an opportunity to add it to this page and help other families that are attending be more informed. 


The Venue

Where is the weekend held?

The venue for the weekend is the Hollowford Centre, which is set on the outskirts of the picturesque village of Castleton, Derbyshire, in the heart of the Peak District National Park.

The centre is owned by the Lindley Educational Trust.

Address is:
Hollowford Centre,
Hope Valley,
S33 8WB


Mapping / navigation software only indicates the centre of the postcode area. S33 8WB is indicated as being approximately 700m NorthEast of the centre.

Once in Castleton, Hollowford is sign posted from the 90 degree bend adjacent to the post office. Look out for the CCAA balloons and signage and there will be a yellow CCAA flag at the entrance to the centre.

Does the venue have Wifi?

Yes the Hollowford Centre has wifi throughout the main building.

You will be provided with the login details in your welcome pack.

What facilities are at the venue?

In addition to the bedrooms, the centre has a number of communal areas including a games area with table tennis, a pool table and a football table. There is a lounge area which will be used as our meeting point throughout the weekend and in the evening for entertainment and a bar/tuck shop.

Outside space is plentiful! There are small climbing walls for the children to use, a small park for them to use (whilst being supervised by a parent/adult at all times) and plenty of beautiful scenery to enjoy.

Is there parking onsite?

Yes. There is a plenty of parking available onsite. If when you arrive you struggle to park in the main car park there will be additional parking just before the entrance to the Hollowford Centre. It will be on the right hand side and signposted ‘CCAA Additional Parkking’.

Are there staff onsite at all times and overnight?

Yes. CCAA staff are onsite at ALL times over the weekend.

Overnight a first aid qualified Duty person (Hollowford Centre staff) will be available.

On arrival you will be give a welcome pack which will give clear instructions as to their onsite location and how to contact them in case of emergency.

Where is the local train station?

There is a train station 5 minutes drive from the venue in the local town of Hope. Taxi’s are also available at the station or alternatively we can arrange for a member of the team to pick you up. Please get in touch before the weekend to arrange this.

Arrival & Schedule

What time should we arrive on Friday?

We ask that families try to arrive at the venue between 5-6pm. Please do not arrive before 5pm, as due to Health & Safety reasons, we are unable to give you access to the building or your rooms and we will be setting up for the weekend before this time.

We appreciate that people may have jobs and school pick ups to consider on the Friday, so if you are going to be later than 6pm please let us know. There will be food available until 7pm. If you let us know your estimated time of arrival, it enables us to make sure that you have all the information you need when you arrive.

If you can arrive between 5-6pm you can join us for dinner, have a drink at the bar, get to know the other families and the children have the opportunity to meet others in their activity groups.

Upon your arrival, please make sure that you register, collect your name badges and welcome pack on arrival. There will be a CCAA table clearly visible at the entrance to the centre, with a CCAA team member there to welcome you.

What is the schedule for the weekend?

For each weekend the schedule will vary depending on how many groups we have, the age of the children and the health professionals that can get commitment from for the weekend.

We have provided an example schedule below to give you an idea of what to expect at the weekend.


    -Arrive for 6pm (if possible)
    -Dinner 6-7pm (a hot meal will be available within this hour) from 7pm onwards a bar and tuck shop will be open
    -Welcome talk from Hollowford Centre and CCAA Chair
    -It’s time to mingle – we don’t hold formal ice breakers so that people have an opportunity to mingle at their own pace. Sometimes ice breakers can place pressure on people, so we prefer for families to naturally get to know each other. But remember the weekend is about meeting people and learning more from others experiences,. This is the one place you will all know what each other are going through.


    -After a hearty breakfast the kids collect in their groups and go off to activities, parents grab a cup of tea/coffee and start the sessions with the Health Professionals.
    There are breaks throughout the day and parents will meet back up with their children for lunch together (where you will no doubt be bombarded with all the exciting stories from their morning activities!)
    In the afternoon, the activities and sessions continue.
    -After dinner, there will be evening entertainment (hosted by CCAA) to get the family together and having fun.


    -After another hearty breakfast (you will need it!), the activities and sessions continue.
    -After lunch it’s time to say our goodbyes and pack up to go home. Time to swap numbers, and addresses for those all important pen pal letters!

Are parents and children separated during activities?

For the activities and parents session, yes parents and children will be separated. We do this for good reason, as we find that the children make friends quicker and their confidence builds doing the activities without parents being present.

Whilst the children are doing the activities, parents will be in sessions with Health Professionals that will present information to you about JIA Management, including subjects such as psychology, management of JIA, patient and professional relationships etc. The programme of sessions depends on what health professionals that we have attending.

We understand that parents and children may be nervous about being separated, however having run these weekends for almost 30 years we have found that this format is the most successful. It is of course only natural to be worried, but by Saturday lunch time we can guarantee that your children will have already started making some great friendships and will be buzzing from the activities they will have done in the morning!

If you have any concerns at all please do get in touch.

Childrens Activities

How are the children's activity groups organised?

The children are placed into a group of 10 or less which is organised by their age. This is so that they make friends with children their own age and can (if they want to) talk about their own experiences and feel less alone in the JIA journey than they might do in every day life.

You will be told which group your child is in on arrival and your child will have an opportunity to meet the other children and CCAA group leaders on Friday evening.

Who will be looking after my child during activities?

Each children’s group will be allocated a Hollowford Centre, qualified instructor and a CCAA group leader, for the duration of the weekend. To give consistency and comfort to the children and help them build friendships the children in each group will also remain the same for the weekend.

Will my child(ren) learn more about JIA?

Yes. As well as the activities they will all take part in a practical session which helps them to learn more their condition or their siblings condition. Its a session to encourage openness, positivity and confidence as well as help them to understand they are not alone in their journey.

Parents Sessions

Can I talk to a Health Professional about my childs treatment?

Health Professionals form an essential part of our weekend. Without them we just wouldn’t be able to run the weekend for families like yourself.

They give their time voluntarily to the charity and to provide you with essential information to help you find out more about JIA.

It is important to remember that the Health Professionals who attend the weekend are there to educate and give general advice.

Although they will be around to talk to, we are sure you can appreciate they are unable to give specific treatment advice about your child’s JIA.

Will we know what Health Professionals are attending?

Details of the health professionals and the titles of their sessions will be circulated via your email address provided at time of booking, before you attend the weekend.

What subjects will the Health Professionals cover?

This is very much specific to the weekend that we organise. We always try to have a Consultant and Clinical Nurse Speciliast present at the weekend to help give advice on the management of JIA.

Each weekend differs. In the past we have had Occupational Therapists, Psychologists, Dietitians, Nutritionists, Pharmacist, Play Therapists and Optometrists attend the weekend.

Due to a strict timetable and so much to cover it is unlikely that we will have all these Health Professionals attend the weekend at one time.

Accommodation & Facilities

Will we have our own bedroom?

Yes, each family will be allocated their own room with their own bathroom facilities. The rooms are a combination of single and bunk beds.

Will we have our own bathroom?

Yes. All bedrooms have their own en-suite facilities.

Do we need to bring our own bed linen/sleeping bags?

No, all bedrooms will be provided with bed linen. There is no need to bring your own.

Do we need to bring towels & toiletries?

Yes, please bring towels for the whole family and your own toiletries. There is no shower gel/soap provided in the bathrooms.

What is accessibility like at Hollowford?

Hollowford make every effort to ensure that their facilities are fully accessible for disabled users.

Primarily being a single storey site means the majority of the accommodation is accessible by everyone. They have specialist bathrooms in 3 accommodation blocks.

If anyone in your family requires wheelchair access please let us know as we can ensure you are allocated an accessible room with a wet room for bathroom facilities.

The Hollowford instructional staff are able to offer a wide range of activities to suit users of all abilities. They have specialist equipment for use with people with disabilities, that includes; specialist buoyancy aids for water activities, harnesses for climbing and abseiling and a specialist go-anywhere chair made with race car technology!

No one misses out at the CCAA weekend – it really is for the whole family!

Clothing & Footwear

What clothes do we need?

Please bring clothes for the whole family, that are suitable for outside activities.

These clothes are very likely to get dirty and possibly wet (so it is advisable not to bring your best clothes for the activities).

Long sleeve tops MUST be worn for the High Ropes and Archery. It helps if children bring spare clothes and a towel with them to the activity so that they can change straight after if needs be.

Don’t forget your waterproofs (ideally tops and bottoms). The Hollowford Centre does have spare waterproofs in case anyone forgets.

What footwear do we need?

Please bring shoes for the whole family, that are suitable for outside activities.

These shoes are very likely to get dirty and possibly wet (so it is advisable not to bring your best shoes for the activities).

Shoes will almost certainly get wet and dirty during activities, so it is advisable to bring a
spare or old pair of trainers/wellies/walking shoes.

Please ensure that ALL footwear worn for the
activities are closed toe. E.g. no flip flops, sandals etc.

Is there a drying room available?

There is a drying room available for use, but we would strongly recommend you bring plenty of spare clothes!

Food and Drink

Is food provided at the weekend?

Yes, all your meals are catered for from Friday evening to Sunday Lunch time. Each meal will include a main meal and dessert and water/juice.

The menu is varied and will include suitable options for any dietary requirement that was provided upon booking onto the weekend.

Do you provide baby food?

No unfortunately we are unable to provide baby food, so please cater for your young one by bringing enough food and snacks for the duration of the weekend.

There is a fridge available for use to store baby food in.

I have a dietary requirement, how do I let you know?

If you have any additional dietary requirements please state this on the booking form when booking your place.

If you would like to confirm that we have your dietary needs listed after your booking please contact us.

Penguin Club (The under 4's)

Can my child attend if they are under 4?

Yes! We have children from the ages of a few months to 17 years old that come to the weekend.

What will my under 4 do whilst I am in the parent session?

We have the Penguin Club which is run for the under 4’s that are attending the weekend.

The Penguin Club is located onsite at all times. Our committee member and School teacher Sue heads up the Penguin Club, so your little ones are in great hands.

We ensure that the child/adult ratio is adhered to ensure your child has excellent care and attention.

The Penguin Club team will take the children on woodland walks, read stories, play with the club toys, paint, draw, model with play doh, sing, dance and play games with them.

They will have so much fun!

My child still naps (routines, feeding & habits etc)

It’s no problem!

Before the weekend you will be sent a form which asks for all the details regarding, nap times, feeding times, allergies, routines, habits, what they like to play with etc.

If your child still naps in the day, please be sure to provide the Penguin Club with a buggy so they can take them for a walk.

Medication & First Aid

What about my childs medication?

During the weekend you are responsible for your child’s medication. Please DO NOT FORGET to bring them, as we will not have any medication on-site.

Is there a fridge I can use to store medication?

Yes, there is a communal fridge outside the dining room for everyone to use. Please make sure you clearly label any medication, food or drink carefully with your name.

What about first aid?

There will be full First Aid cover and the Hollowford Centre will publicise their Emergency contact number.

Each of our CCAA group leaders will be equipped with a small essential first aid kit whilst they are doing activities.

Costs & Additional Expenses

Is the weekend free to attend?

The CCAA Family Support Weekend is free to attend.

However in order for us to continue running this weekend for families like yourself, we do ask for a small donation to the charity in return for attending.

We suggest £30 per person, up to a maximum of £120 per family. Due to personal financial circumstances you may want to donate more or less, this is entirely up to you.

It is important to remember that you we don’t want anyone to not be able to attend purely because they can’t afford to, so please don’t let the suggested donation put you off from booking your place.

If you have any questions regarding the donation please get in touch.

Do I need any money for the weekend?

Your accommodation and meals are paid for, for the duration of the weekend.

However you may want to bring some cash with you for the tuck shop and bar which will be open Friday and Saturday evening.

What is included in the weekend?

Your accommodation, food, drink and activities will be provided for the duration of the weekend. For the under 4’s the penguin club care is provided also.

Snacks and drinks for the children’s break time will also be provided as is tea and coffee for the parents breaks.

Any dietary requirements are taken into consideration for the children’s snacks.

Do you sell CCAA promotional items at the weekend?

Yes, we will have CCAA promotional merchandise for sale at the weekend and we are only able to take cash for these items.

We will have the following items for sale to purchase over the weekend:

– Kids and adults yellow and black t-shirts
– Kids and adult size wristbands
– Cotton shopping bags
– Pin Badges
– Stickers
– Pens
– Water Bottles

100% of the proceeds from anything we sell goes straight back to funding the weekend and helping to support families with JIA.


We can no longer attend, what do I do?

We know that sometimes things don’t go to plan or something happens which may prevent you from attending the weekend. If this is the case, we ask you to please let us know, as soon as you become aware.

Every year our weekend is oversubscribed and we hold a reserve list of families who are prepared to attend at short notice; if for any reason you are not able to attend the weekend, please could you let the charity know ASAP.

The earlier we know the more possible it is to invite another family attend who can benefit from the experience.

Does it cost the charity if I don't attend after booking a place?

Unfortunately sometimes we have families that despite booking don’t turn up. Please be aware that by not showing and not informing us you have taken another families place that could have benefited from the weekend. 

Non attendance without prior notice, is a waste of charity funds! If you don’t turn up we are still liable for the cost and each weekend costs the charity approximately £14,000!