Inspired by her stepdaughter

Vicky runs through the pain of the Edinburgh Marathon in torrential rain

Inspired by her stepdaughter, Vicky runs through the pain of the Edinburgh Marathon in torrential rain

“After attending the CCAA weekend in Derbyshire last year I was inspired by the bravery and great attitudes shown by the children and all the volunteers who give a great deal of their personal time to help run this fantastic charity.

“Having started running again quite recently before attending the weekend I thought that it would be a good idea to try and give something back to those who have been so supportive especially, after my Stepdaughter Emily had been diagnosed with JIA. I decided to run the Edinburgh marathon on the 31st May 2015 with the intention of getting sponsored by friends and family in order to donate to the CCAA.

“Fast forward to the 31st May 2015 there I was lining up on London road ready to start a race that to be fair was twice as long as any I had ever completed before, conditions were awful torrential rain and really strong winds but I was determined I was going to finish. The first twenty miles everything was very comfortable as I cruised past the marker I was extremely pleased to see I had gone through in under three hours which put me in good stead to finish within my goal of 4 hours. On mile 21 however disaster struck, my knee began to stiffen up and I could barely bend it making it difficult to run. The last five miles I could only describe as brutal and painful. It took a further 2 hours 7 minutes to hobble the last five miles, in my mind I wanted to give up but I couldn’t let everyone down and thought about the pain Emily has been through at times with her arthritis, this helped spur me on, so I continued through the pain finishing in a disappointing 5 hours 7 minutes.

“Although a little disappointed with my time I am still proud to have finished and pleased that I have been able to contribute to this great charity.  The total raised stands at £370. Many thanks to all those who sponsored me and donated direct by text to the CCAA.”

What a fantastic achievement Vicky and well done for getting through what we can only imagine was a very tough challenge! We hope that you and your knee has recovered well. Thank you so much from everyone at the CCAA.