Monique’s volunteering experience


Monique’s volunteering experience at CCAA

“I have had JIA for 16 years and attended a CCAA weekend at Avon Tyrell when I was quite a bit younger. This year I thought I would return to help out! The Hollowford weekend 2015 was my first time volunteering at a CCAA weekend, and it certainly didn’t disappoint.

“In short I had an amazing time! It was just so great to see the children making friends with one another; being able to share their experiences with people who understand, whilst having a great time with the activities.

“Sitting in on one of the presentations for the parents, “Your Child’s Education” was just as informative for me as it was for them! I loved answering questions parents had, alongside Jazz and Amy such as what advice I would give them and about some of my experiences. It really allowed me to reflect on how JIA has impacted my life and how it really hasn’t stopped me from accomplishing things in my life.

“The CCAA team are such a great, passionate bunch of people who are so friendly and I have met so many wonderful families. You have all made me feel so welcome! It was so much fun but definitely exhausting by the end-I definitely look forward to helping out at the next weekend!”