Percy’s home

– thank you everyone!

Percy’s home– thank you everyone!

World Arthritis Day 2015 has seen likeminded charities across the country do their bit to raise awareness of juvenile arthritis. And as usual the effort of the CCAA supporters has been second to none!

Over the past week Percy has travelled to 156 different locations across the world, from Taiwan to near enough every city and county in the UK!

Bermuda, Malawi, Poland, Vermont, Minnesota, Indianapolis, Melborne, New York, Sydney, Zurich, New Zealand, Canada, Singapore, and so many more. To see the full list we have pinned every location on Google maps for you to follow his travels. Click here for Percy’s traveling map. 

We would like to thank everyone for their efforts in this year’s campaign and look forward to the 2016 World Arthritis Day when we can set Percy a new challenge in his bid to help raise awareness of JIA.

But for now…he’s having a well-deserved rest.