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The CCAA (Children’s Chronic Arthritis Association) is a leading support charity in England and Wales, for families with children suffering from Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis (JIA). CCAA is run by people who have been affected by the disease and are passionate about supporting others and providing a support network for children with Arthritis and their families. 

Family Weekends

We organise Family Support weekends twice a year to enable families to meet others for networking and JIA support.

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Raising Awareness

We actively raise awareness of childhood Arthritis in the community through fundraising and events around England.

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Family Support

We provide emotional and practical support to families that are living with the effects of Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis.

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Share your childs journey with us to help inspire others. It may be a sport they love, an achievement, an aspiration or a story about how they are trying to overcome JIA. It’s your stories that really help to inspire and encourage others. They help to raise awareness of JIA and what children can achieve despite the daily struggles they face. 

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Meet Jazmin

No matter what, it can be done

Jazmin’s passion for Geography has stuck with her since being hospitalised for months in Great Ormond Street Hospital when she was very young. She took it at GCSE level, A Level, Undergraduate level, Master level and is now studying PhD level!

Becoming a Volcanologist is not just fulfilling a life dream for Jazmin, but she says, ‘a statement to the JIA community that no matter what you want to be in life, it can be done despite the condition.’ Jazmin, and many other children striving to be the best they can be, are all living proof that JIA is just part of you, and despite it, you can achieve what you want to in life. 

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